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Learn how to shear by hand

Hand-Shearing Demo and Training

Pricing: $250 plus travel expenses for demo alone.

$500 plus travel expenses for a full day of training.

I will provide the scissors and supplies. You provide the location, the alpaca, an assistant (if necessary, depending on the nature of the alpaca you provide) and whatever restraining devices you prefer to use.
Call for Details: (716) 499-0383

Service Description

I have been shearing my herd -- both huacayas and suris -- by hand using ordinary Fiskars scissors for 12 years. Hand-shearing is a skill that comes in handy in an emergency. Perhaps your shearer is delayed and you have a heat-stressed alpaca. Maybe your power goes out on shearing day and you need to make best use of the crew while waiting for the utility company to restore it. Perhaps you have an alpaca that, for one reason or another, you don't want to restrain in the ordinary fashion and need to shear standing or relatively unrestrained. Some of us find that suri fiber in particular tends to relock more quickly and more efficiently following hand-shearing. Or maybe you just want to do some of your herd by yourself and save some money. In any event, knowing how to quickly and efficiently remove the fleece from an alpaca without the use of electric shears can save a life.

I will travel to your farm or event and demonstrate how to safely shear your alpacas. I can spend a morning or afternoon guiding you through the shearing process on some of your alpacas and showing you how to handle the fiber once it's removed. Skirting, sorting and grading a hand-shorn fleece is very different from skirting a fleece that is removed in its entirety, and requires special attention during the shearing process.